Yacht Names in Australia

Yacht Names usually require a bit of a different approach to the average power boat name, they are less likely to have boat graphics with the boat name and generally are more subdued particularly, when it comes to classic yacht names

If you are still deciding what to name your yacht then why not check out our boat name ideas list. You can use any of these boat names if you like, or just browsing through them might help you think of a unique boat name of your own. Boat Names Australia is your largest supplier of striping for yachts with a wide range of boat stripes including different widths suitable for yacht water lines, cove lines, boot tops, gunnel stripes, and pin striping.

Below are just a few examples of the names for yachts that we have completed over the years.

Gallery of Yacht Names

This example of a large boat name & graphic combination on a day racer, this sort of name only works when placed in this possition, inline with the companion way. i think that placing the name in this spot and large was to make it show up in race photosBy breaking the boat stripe you can place the name between the stripes, this allows you to get the name higher up and bigger, If it was this size and below the stripe it would look too low on the hull and spoil the lines of the boat.Using the same colours for the name & the stripes creates a custom look, this is not a traditional nor racing yacht but a family fun yachtWaterlines on areas that have an angle like this need to be tapered so that when viewed side on they look the same width, This sort of work should only be approched as a DIY after talking to our staff
You wouldn't want to make this bow name any larger or it would look too crammed into the stripe. A bit of space around lettering is very important.
This is a classic way of combining a boat name in a hull stripe. The name is kept nice and high and makes it look proud and the stripe stays high on the hull which lifts the focal line. This makes the cabin look lower and the boat appears sleeker

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